Christ, Pylonesque EP [Benbecula – BEN 016, 2002]

benbecula_ben16_2002Wicked stuff from Christ on the benbecula label. This, the latest seven-track EP entitled “pylonesque ep”, is a structured piece of work, very much on the down-tempo side of things and with a melancholic touch. Starting of with “dream of the endless”, a track that compels you to listen and making it impossible to miss the unique soundings of the strangely named artist in question. Beats, bass accompanied by among other things what could very well be a gently treated guitar. A tempo change creates a dramatic effect in this down-tempo track with an abundance of sounds. It is followed by “arctica”, a short beat-less track with a fitting vocal sample that works as an interlude and connects the first and third track nicely. The third track “spengly bendly” features massive bassline alongside echoed distinct percussions and chorus sounds out of this world, the carefully crafted beats builds the track and pushes it forward, it is hypnotising and extremely beautiful. I can’t say I ever heard anything quite like it. It is simply brilliant! “pylonesque” features a rather interesting choice of sound for building the melody. Does it work? The answer is, yes it does, another good minimal track on this intriguing circular piece of plastic. First engraved on the b-side is “fantastic light” and what a fitting track title it is, it is like watching the sun shining through heavily clouded skies and thereby creating a mood change in the overall sound picture. It is followed by “perlandine friday” featuring more of those strong melodies and reinforcing the mood change. The EP is concluded by “absolom (for lucy)”, a track with light treading beats, clear and distinct vocal samples and melody. It is striking how well the tracks fit together and Christ’s “pylonesque ep” is clearly benefited by a continuous and sequential play. The conclusion: a really nice benbecula release.