Peter Benisch, Benisch Tracks 1 [Eevo Lute Music & Technology, 2002]

evolute_eevo2201_2002A four track 12″ signed Peter Benisch that starts of with “Sabine’s song”. A sweet, sweet, sweet melody on a blueprint Benisch track, that is, the sounds and production bears his unmistakable insignia. Which would make it a sweet track and all and all that’s exactly what it is. The second track “Faster than light” features an array of massive strings and an eerie filtered vocal that flows alongside a beautiful piece of melody and some upfront solid beats. The track finishes of with a cleverly arranged breakdown. And yes, wouldn’t it be nice to move along in that speed! Warp Drive anyone? A cello gets to start of “River of time” the first b-side track and it is followed by more strings building up to a slightly retro mid-eighties feel track. What does that mean? Think Paul Hardcastle or Arthur Baker in their prime and you get the idea. But we’re not talking about a copy here, it still very much a Benisch thing. The 12″ is finished with a down tempo beat-less track with atmosphere to go around called “Redshift”. Consisting of sounds which might very well be a message sent to the heavens above. The question: is it first contact or contact of the third degree?