Seven Hour Germ, Document1 [Minimal Resource Manipulation – MRMCDR02, 2007]

7hg_document1_mrmcdr02The second release on Minimal Resource Manipulation (MRM) is an in all aspects experimental affair, seeing MRM deviating from the path of the beat onto something altogether different (in all fairness it is not so much as a deviation as it is expanding the horizon given that this is the second release in this young label’s history). Document1 starts off with a collection of incredibly high frequency fragments of sound, displaying the sonic signature of an imaginary ant-farm if magnified into our sonic scale. It’s an abusive, noisy and industrial sound and it’s quite frightening. As the seven-track mini-album progresses the high frequency assault continues with more or less the same intensity. With short stops for the listener to catch the breath and/or mental composure only to come back with even more intensity like the unbearable fourth track Wild Life Howl. However there are moments of suggested rhythmic structure as well. The convincing sixth track Deep Metal Hole still set in UHFD (ultra high frequency domain) is an example. To continue the analogy of the ant-farm the closing track Timbral Dissection would be the working ant’s dream or possibly nightmare if ever recorded. By all means investigate this release made by Seven Hour Germ (7HG) and released on Minimal Resource Manipulation just make sure to check your audio perimeter and maybe more important your treble dials, knobs and volume readings/settings!