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Tokyo Mask, Hinterlands [Low Impedance Recordings – LOZ07, 2007]

August 10th, 2007

loz07_tokyo_mask_hinterlandHinterlands is the name of a really good full-length album by Tokyo Mask out on Low Impedance Recordings a label clearly on a mission and responsible for an achievement in clarity. The eight-track album is a sinister story and is comprised of slow moving tracks filled with heavy beats, electronics and the occasional acoustic element. If any association was ever viable it would be Seefeel and their blissful Succour album from 1995 and believe me that is not a bad thing! However, Hinterland stands very securely on it’s own two feet (or more) and comes highly recommended. If you are easily frightened maybe you should pass, because the setting is somewhat dystopic. The quality is unquestionable and Low Impedance remains a highly interesting label.

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