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You Still Don’t Understand, Really?

April 29th, 2017

That is quite alright.

But, that will pose a gigantic problem to me. A big problem. You need to stop this nonsense right now or as the “Agent Orange” would possible say: “No, no ‘Bad Hombres’ causing huge, and I mean huge problemas” (OK, I made the very last bit up).

To simplify and possibly talking some sense for a change.

“Fab & Groove”, “DJ Youngsta” or “Swamp” at rinse.fm? Can you imagine going from afro-pop (I am guessing 60’s, but it could be yesterday, or, what 60’s was/is or may have been yesterday/tomorrow) on to house, like in written-in-stones house onto whatever it is called nowadays “progressive” techno in three or five tracks?

I had almost forgot how brilliant it can be… never hear that, never (seldom) hear it played liked that? My music!

Thanks to my teachers. In particular: the-straight-up-and-down-techno-nose-bleed-guru-and-the-ur-unlocker. Always the DJ* of all DJs. Eclectic? The word did not exist before… “Music First”. Saying it and living it? It is not the same thing is it? Spectacular effort my friend. The soldiers! The bass pushing crew. The young and the old… The futurists, to all makers of beautiful stuff…

To do that, play like that? It sounds/looks easy? You need serious skills and you would have to be… a DJ (I wish). To me it is the core and soul of London. The London I love is musical. There is no “waiting for”. Go or be gone. The perfect moment to quote “Alla kan tralla”. If you by a chance do not master the language? Write a note and it will be translated as swiftly as possible. That is a promise.

It is amusing too: “Do you really think that I got issues?”. I don’t know the artist. I would guess American possibly the Green, Detroit or Chicago but I really don’t know… Nevertheless, that is funny, seriously funny techno fun-bits. “You got issues.” Ha ha, you think?

Every day… 24 hrs seven days a week. That is why the ones from there all have to leave. It is to intense. The pressure and in that context? Brexit? That’s just ridiculous… Claim your own state now! I would apply for citizenship…

We will need some irony? My father never set foot in the UK. As a matter of fact he became upset by the fact that I even considered venturing to Londinium in the first place. I did, but that is an another story all together…

Americans, they be rude. “You can call me that.” No, you may not call me that. You crazed dirty US techno freak!

And it gets even more serious. I’m fragile, I simply can’t be listening to this. I don’t know what it is and I probably should know. I do know that it is from America, it is electronic music and it is hurting me (wait, hey, wait I DO know… I know what this is. This is UR! It is the Underground Resistance! That means Detroit and that means massive trouble…).

No, not the ultra hard brothers… Detroit please have mercy? Sure, I slipped for a moment and yes I was not paying attention. But, only for a brief moment? “Minimal” and/or awards? That’s like letting a monkey dabble with nuclear weapons or loaded handguns.

It’s not even my first choice, musically (like there was something to choose from to begin with… it is unreal and I can not really say more).

I can say. You don’t want to mess with UR. Ever. Just, don’t do it.

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