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I Did Tell You?

April 29th, 2017

Well, either you do know or you do not know, right?

The margins need to be levelled, centred and balanced (and that was not the case, but I am going to let it pass this time.).

I tried, but helas I could not do it. I had to add a third (or actually a fourth version, the background colour did not match…) picture.

Why? Well… I am just like that.

And that, surely? Can not be the very best kept secret in the known World?

We, that would be me and my peers constructed your World and we can deconstruct the very same World.

Calm down, will you? There is no need to be alarmed. And, no you do not need to run directly to mum and dad to seek comfort.

Honestly? It is well known. No one is boarding my boat, but then there is the theory… and it could very well be reality. You don’t think so? Mm, are you completely confident? I mean are you sure about that?

My generation? Are extremely hard working people and most of us are extremely sacrificial people. Why is that? What was/is the purpose? Freedom. Democracy. Equality. Enjoyment. Humanity. Civilisation.

Work hard, play hard. I am sure you have all heard of it?

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