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Greetings From Tuskan, Lullabies For The Warriors [IWARI – USR10 CD, 2006]

October 18th, 2006

tuskanAs excellent as it is an accomplished full-length album release by Greetings From Tuskan on IWARI a label that was previously completely unknown to me. However the artist in question was not, because GFT has close connections to the Belgium label/event organiser plexiphonic spearheaded by visual artist Ewo. Plexiphonic’s second release was Loden’s “Valeen Hope” a split release with Eat This Records. And GTF’s debut release “Greetings From Tuskan EP” was made on the same label in 2005 on the handy MP3/FLAC format. There is much to be said about this release: but let it be said here and now that it’s nothing but excellent. Sure the references are many and at times somewhat obvious and yes the album is laden with vocals or rather processed such, nevertheless or possible because of that it’s pure bliss. There’s a quality to it all that is undeniably there, fused with clever trickery, the occasional pop elements, majestic warmth, lovely melodies and a heavy dose of melancholy. I think it safe to say that Greetings From Tuskan is destined for great things and the only thing that may stand in the way is the pure quality if the music. Investigate this release immediately and do it sooner rather than later and you too can make a discovery!

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