Miller + Fiam, Modern Romance [Expanding Records – ECD24:06, 2006]

miller_fiam_modern“Modern Romance” is even more acoustic sounding than Expanding’s previous album release: Modern Institute’s “Excellent Swimmer” (MAR 2006). The current release “Modern Romance” by Miller + Fiam is a surprisingly conventional sounding yet highly jazz influenced album. The overall setting is very low-key and the productions are delicately put together, where slow ultra-light beats picked from the hip-hop realm are fused with gently treated guitars in layers, piano and various sampled instruments. There are some references as well for example to the increasingly prolific artist Melodium of French Autres Directions in Music fame. I must confess that accurately placed rim shots, seduces me every time without failure. “Modern Romance” is collection of thirteen high-quality jazz infused, hip-hop beats’ based mainly analogue electronic music and Expanding Record’s 24th full-length album release at that.