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Test Pressing/October Man, The Tandem Series 1 [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT024, 2006]

February 25th, 2006

tandemseries_01Another new signing for Boltfish that goes by the name: Test Pressing. On what looks like a new series of split releases aptly entitled “The Tandem Series”. The concept is simple enough two artists co-habiting the same release. Test Pressing starts off the portion of the musical contributions devoted to him with the happy sounding “Veslo”, with straight forward beats, Japanese vocal samples and playfulness and it gets better as the track count progresses. “Dinonoke” is more composed and has an excellent intro, the beat is dry and 4-4 based – yet bouncy and forward moving, then follow the classic take on melody, uncomplicated and very effective in a Housie way. “Sad Stream Which Is Going To Become The River” is not only a good song and very good title for any song it is also the piece the resistance of Test Pressing’s input, simply put a masterful track! The glitchy intro that doesn’t give anything away, the beats that are so well put together, the well-balanced vocal sample and arrangements, the melody, and their painful beautifulness and the track’s metamorphosis when the contra posing elements (literally) break and end the track commanding an instant replay. This track is a perfect example of the middle-earth that “Electronica” constitutes (to my mind anyhow), very beautiful, if you posses dancing ability do it, otherwise all you have to do is listen… Ending the four-track contribution is “Leaving Home” a lullaby sounding sweet track. Test Pressing is a delightful encounter indeed! The other artist contributing to this split is October Man, far from being a stranger in Boltfish contexts and proud record label owner at that. October Man first offering is “Let’s Go Out” featuring lush treated vocals and feather-light beats. Picking up the pace in “Oinment”, but not striving to far from familiar grounds, strings and solid melody fused with an evident beat. “False” “Somewhere To Stay” and “Things to Remember” features more of October Man’s craftsmanship, well-constructed melodies and understated beats. It’s BOLT024 and you know you should investigate.

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