The Glow

Nxt gen. It is 04:23 CET +2. My next door (adolescent) neighbour… live by the screen, die by the screen. In-ear to go to sleep. No rest. 24/7 stimuli. “I sleep with sound and visual.” I believe there’s a reason why we sleep a third of our conscious life. The dreams and the pause. Halting the stimuli. Pause the input.

I saw it emerge, I’m one with the technology/screens. I’m experienced/elder, it is and has been all my life… machines, the screen flicker; yet it is not for all. Data needs to be transformed into something? It needs to be transformed into information. Data is not information. Raw data is something else entirely.

You need education and experience. The cold blue light can be a blessing or a curse. Do you actually understand what you are looking at? Do you understand that it is your highly personal perception? I for one hope/wish I do, you little ones? I hope you do too.

In the cold blue light in the eternal 24/7 night/day.