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Kamotek, Loftway [Low Impedance Recordings – LOZ03, 2005]

February 25th, 2006

loz03“Loftway” is the title of Kamotek’s full-length album released by the Greek label Low Impedance Recordings (SEP 2005). The album stretches 17 tracks long and the tracks collected share the common treat of emphasising the beats – from arcade game to strict format drum’n’bass. There’s an unmistakable playfulness to most of the tracks, maybe a little too much of it actually and in combination with large doses of retro sounds the album is framed thus giving it a somewhat generic feeling. Nevertheless, you get arcade, drum’n’bass, house, electro and electronic based music made for the open-minded dancefloor. There’re some down-tempo moments as well as in “Cresendo Sheep” with atmospheric sonic textures and haunting processed vocal samples and did I mention beats? And the excellent forward moving “Premorning Peeps On The Universe” complete with lush warm bassline and the ending slow moving “Pilgrim Penguim”. The “Loftway” album is a digipack release and it’s designed by Gee-Oh-Dee.

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