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Sensiva, Giosun [Sensotech – ST001CD, 2005]

February 25th, 2006

Sensiva-Giosun_CoverThe first release from the Russian label Sensotech is a full-length album “Giosun” by Sensiva (DEC 2005). This album is very well produced and reveals the talents of a contemporary electronic musician, stretching 10 tracks long and set in down-tempo mode. It must be said that the BOArds of Canada influence is very strong and quite impossible to miss. All the 10 tracks have similar characteristics: clear down-tempo beats, organ and many of them contain processed vocal samples. But naturally there are tracks that have a different composition as well. For example the use of beats in “P Deep”, which has straight-forward beats combined with beats gone astray and exceedingly beautiful melody or the use of guitars in “Light Rays Games”. Other examples would be the down-toned beats of “Giosun” or the up-tempo ones used in “Downstairs To the Free Port” or why not the subbass in “Vasad”. Together they make a well-produced album of melodic electronic music package in digi and a beautiful inlay photo. Finally, I would like to congratulate Sensotech on their first release and wish them continued success with the label.

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