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Whatever You Can Imagine

January 28th, 2017

Damn, is that Southern slur I am hearing again?

Wut? Hold on and wait a moment, the best kept secret has been revealed? The sanctuary of bass has been exposed? 808 music? 21 Savage? No, this can not be happening. This is unreal music and the kids like it?…

Do you remember when you were a teenager? Either you are one now or you were one once before. That feeling of knowing everything and truly being the master of the Universe?

Some say that the World does not change and that is probably both true and false at the same time. The thing is, that the World and the people living in it are not the same.

That bass music would conquer the World? Yes, but that it would become global and something for the everyday woman and man? No, I could not have ever imagined that. My life, my obscure and underground music is now mainstream?

I have played music, but I did not expect my teenaged son (I have been waiting though) to present American bass music from Atlanta. I love it, but it is my son? I am not sure that I like the idea that he likes and listens to exactly the same music that I did/do such a long time ago.

What does it all mean? I do not know. However, I could never have imagined that either… has time really stopped and is the “loop” an actual fact? Does that mean that the lingering fear is… true? It is all an infinite loop?

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