You Are More Than Welcome

Whatever you choose to do in 2017 you need to listen to Erik Lundin.

And if you happen to be a non-Suedi ie. not speaking Swedish? Promptly find your nearest Swedish speaking friend (I am sure you have at least one) for a quick translation. It will be the best thing you have ever heard, trust me.

I probably should not mention it. The sample from “Ghost In The Shell”? Why? I don’t know. I do know the film/Anime very well. It is excellent, one of the best of all time.

Please try to remember that Africa is actually a very large continent. There is North, South, West and East. If you are from Finland you would not like to be mistaken for a Swede or vice versa? That being said West will be West.

Erik Lundin – Välkommen hem

It is just so good. Another generation and another level of excellence. Is this the best Swedish hip-hop EP ever? Yes, without a doubt, this is the best Swedish hip-hop EP ever produced. Is Erik Lundin the best of them all? Yes, currently Erik Lundin is the best of them all.

It is completely unrelated but my son’s second name was also my father’s name. Why is that? Well simply because that is how he was named. My second name is my grandfather’s name, so I guess it is just what was previously knowned as tradition; that would be in the acient times, mind you.