I Simply ♥ Stakka & Skynet

The hardest, the rough and toughness. Direct, no compromise. I love everything about Stakka and Skynet. The “Voyager” album is sensible. This is, I mean… “Stakka” is the coolest name ever, “Skynet” is a close second. Stakka and Skynet?

I’m just in awe, no actually I’m jealous. It is so rough and ready. Stakka? Wut?! And the music is on par? It’s just ruthless. Stright from the core. Proper bizzniz! Salute!

Stakka & Skynet? “Shrapnel” that pressure is insane… I don’t know what to think/say. ♥ relentless.

Affiliated. Usual Suspects – “Beckoning” on Renegade Hardware… again you’re not supposed to like this… Cause 4 Concern…