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I Heard That You Went By…

January 7th, 2021

…Sister Ray’s today? They’re unhappy. Apparently you lot went through the entire shop ending up buying two copies of the same release?

– Hmm, Funckarma? Looking for that release and in London? Playing night? Collecting?
– Two copies? And nothing else?
– Budget.
– You do understand that these are the last two copies that exists in the entire city? It is a SKAM release?
– Yes.
– Is there anything else in the shop that might interest you Gents?
– Flicked, but we can look again (Unknow Artist? It’s Funcken right? It has to be Funcken? What do you think? It is Funcken. I agree. It is Funcken. I’m buying this. Me too. There are two copies of this release in the shop. That’s crazy. Shy.)
– No, these exact two copies. Nothing else from the store today, we’re afraid. Sorry not today.

I heard that you went by Sister Ray’s today?

That was a very long time ago… yet, I believe that must have been SOHO.

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