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Karmøy, Landmarks [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT016, 2005]

May 18th, 2005

karmoy_landmarks“Landmarks” by Karmøy is the next EP to be released on Boltfish (May 2005). It will be Boltfish’s 16th release and Karmøy’s second (as far as I know). “Landmarks” contains six tracks in total and out of them two have additional producers. It’s the label associates Mint and Cheju who pitch in with a track each. Reportedly Karmøy hail from Iceland and consist of two members. On the release in question they display their insights on producing warm forward moving electronic music fitting Boltfish’s taste and mission perfectly. The EP starts of with “Solafjell” a track complete with aptly programmed beats, very engaging bassline and lovely melody. “Kopervic” continues along the same lines with no fuzz beats and a playful bassline carrying the track forward and just a minute hint of glitch. “Åkra” (the capital letter is supposed to look like that) demonstrates more of art of arranging and programming pulsating understated beats. Paying tribute to 808 State, Orbital and the fantastic hay days of analogue bliss maybe? Then comes a mix of the lovely “Solafjell” rearranged beats and altered tempo made in an interesting way. “Pivotal Moments (Mint’s Tundra Mix)” contains some really nice beats handling, strings en masse and superb melody, yup, it’s yet another very nice Mint production. “Adjunct (Cheju Mix)” concludes the EP and Cheju does what he does best: well-executed programming, melodic construction and quite a lot of atmosphere with a high nostalgic factor fused with high production quality. With 16 releases so far and a furious release schedule Boltfish is a label that goes from clarity to clarity.

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