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Lambent, These Days [Expanding Records – ECD17:04, 2005]

February 25th, 2005

lambent_these_days“These Days” is the name of the latest full-length offering from Expanding is signed Lambent and is entitled “These Days”. Actually the album is apart of double-release scheme set up by Expanding (Jan 2005). This album is released at the same time as Monoceros’ debut. “These Days” starts off with “Windless Harbour” a fairly long beatless intro. Second in line is “Flight to Ishigaiki” that has a special sounding background melody and steady paced dry beats. The track “Switch Off, Sit Down” really intrigues me, because it is very reminiscent of a FAB production. I’m sure its coincidental, but I must confess the similarity in this particular case is striking. “Under Leaves” is another nice track, with its bubbly forward moving beats’ setting and “Our Winter Theme” glass-like sound structures and feather light beats. Lambent’s sound is hard to pinpoint and that’s probably because the obvious musical references are quite a few, however the album is well produced and it’s been put together with care. All in all it’s a good release on Expanding although maybe not my favourite one. The packaging is as striking as ever as you would expect, after all it’s an Expanding release.

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