26066 92,7 270,16

[a] Current number of digital tracks (not counting some of the analogue like vinyl).
[b] Number of days continuous playing (in theory).
[c] Space on the HW in GB (not including the BUP:s).

“I want in, on the nickle and the dime sold in the park…” Ref.? Think about it. I did for a very long time… NY… and a film.

That is 92,7 days of continous playing. That is my collection. You would love that? 93 days consecutive and contentious. And I would not have to play a single song twice… think about it. 93 days in stretch without repeating.

– Are you aware that you have played the same part of the same song 20 times or more in a row?
– Yes, but I would have thought that it was more than 20 times? Is it just twenty times in a row? I’m guessing that you don’t want me to play it another time, again, right?