Ludvig Elblaus, Furious Styles [New Speak – NSPK005, 2004]

le_furiosstyles“Furious Styles” is a superb 6-track release by Ludvig Elblaus out on New Speak (Hey, whatever happened to EDr?) and also his first release as a solo artist. (As you may or may not know Ludvig Elblaus is exactly one half of Frank and Bill.) One recurring trade or pattern is Elblaus’ strong focus on the rhythmic elements in his compositions with an acute sense for grooves, beats and percussive elements. None of the tracks on “Furious Styles” is an exception from this pattern. Each and every track has rhythms and basslines to die for and they all more or less carry the microscopic and subtle dub-influence that has been incorporated by Elblaus the past year or so. This EP moves forward like a freight train and has gotten literally everyone in the know on their toes, from distinguished record stores to respectable label managers, don’t miss out on the Furious Styles!