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Various Artists, Skåne Revisited [New Speak – NSPK004, 2004]

September 14th, 2004

skane_revisitedIt should be a project doomed to fail, a 12 track remix compilation of the same unreleased song. But “Skåne Revisited” is all but a failure and it works like a charm. The fourth New Speak release is just that a compilation CD with twelve remixes of an unreleased Komp track from 1998. As it turns out it seems like the remixee Komp is none other than Mr Tilliander himself. The remixers are a regular who’s who in Swedish electronica. Komp remixing himself, Ludvig Elblaus who is half of renowned duo FAB, Pluxus, Mitek’s Folie, Bill Yard, The Policy Unit, Bauri and Xela (well John Twells’ not really all that Swedish but bear with me here…). Ludvig Elblaus delivers a funked up, bubbling remix with microscopic dub-influences thrown in for good measure. Miami Bass Machine lives up to its name with a stripped down bass version. And the list goes on and on… By the sound of things you’re unavoidably led to suspect that label owner Ola Bergman has indeed laid his hand on quite a few of the remixes. But let it be said that it is pure speculation on my part and a strictly personal reflection. The point is that in the end the compilation is the perfect testament of what New Speak is all about as far as a recording label goes. A unique take on electro/electronica that leaves the hungry music masses craving for more.

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