Vart Är Den Andra Fjärrkontrollen (För I Helvete)? Eller Bara Riktiga Män Sitter Med Benen I Kors

Impossible musicality man. Any day and every day. There’s just nothing like it, there’s R.Funcken and there’s…Roel Funcken. It is just unbelievable. Texture and layers upon layers, upon lsyers that is more than 20 years of listening. I was supposed to do something important? Time stopped, again? Accio Niffler is running away! And now I’m crying?! Again… I was supposed to do something important…

“- It is construed. The musique.”
“- You don not honestly believe/mean that?”
“- It is the work of a genius and it doesn’t get better than this. You know that right?”

It’s even better than ever… better than 2000. FUNCKARMA. God damn it!