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Inigo Kennedy, Magnificent Spaces [Asymmetric – ASY MP3 019, 2010]

November 18th, 2010

‘Magnificent Spaces’ is the nineteenth MP3 release on Inigo Kennedy’s Asymmetric label and the first to be written about here at resurface. The EP consists of five exceedingly well-produced electronic pieces and dear I say epic techno tracks.

In sequential order; starting with ‘Muck Shelf’, a real treat incorporating forward-moving (UK flavoured) beats, a dirty filtered bass and a lovely melody lingering in the background, simply put an excellent track.

‘Laconic’ steps closer to the purist techno realm with it’s big sounding drum and analogue haunting melody, it also contains some decidedly broken sounds all to great effect and all engineered to set the dance on fire.

‘Roundabound’ is broken; a relentless synthesised loop is fused with scattered beats and offbeat handclap creating a chaotic as well as hypnotising setting. What’s needed is an open-minded dance floor. ‘Roundabound’ ends as it starts, which makes perfect sense when you come to think about it.

‘Triangle’ brings things back on the techno track. It’s a beautiful, majestic and strongly built track with beats straight as autobahn, and yet still filled with groove and excellent chosen sounds. As good as they come.

The fifth and last track entitled ‘Mood’ concludes ‘Magnificent Spaces’, the beats are not as prominent and they are accompanied by warm lushes of atmospheric sounds. The Americana electronic legacy is clearly audible. ‘Mood’ is a perfect example of the emotional strength of repetition in music as well as a vivid reminder of just how good techno can be.

‘Magnificent Spaces’ is available as free download from asymmetric and so are the previous eighteen releases! The fact that music of this quality is available for free and the actual state of the post-digital World is something that will not be covered in this particular text.

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