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No Chance Or This Is Electro

September 27th, 2019

There is no possibility what-so-ever that there is no relation/connection between them.

J.Lueder, I.Kennedy and A.Rother. What’s the deal? Well, if you happen to listen to the music, you would need to get on your bike and ride a couple of kilometers.

Hm, I just can’t express it in words, I’ve been fortunate enough, the “musical idea” is so hard to reach.

It actually defines my entire existence and the one that really felt/understood that, in the way that that I do, track-by-track. Passed. It not the same thing as “I like music.”.

I can hear that in a track.. I can hear what the influence is. Does it matter? To me? Is it a question of life and death?

No Hope, No Dreams, No Love, My Only Escape Is Underground. “Somewhere in Detroit.” @ Underground Resistance.


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