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Flotel, Bowd [Expanding Records – EVS1:03, 2003]

October 27th, 2003

flotel_evs103The first instalment in the second evs single series has a lot in common with the first one. You get ultra heavy coloured vinyl 7-inch singles containing contemporary electronic music and packaged in a stunning way. This time around however the packaging is a see-through plastic zip bag instead of the multicoloured sealed paper ones. It’s all in the spirit of Expanding Records. First to release is a newcomer to Expanding namely flotel and his first contribution entitled “bowd” and in all aspects soothing piece of music, very mellow, very melodic and very warm. In short it is classic Expandning stuff, in that understated way the usually do things. The flipside contains a remix well-known “Isan” the remix is entitled “timber falls motel” and adds a more acentuated bassline to the song as well as break. The packaging alone makes it worthwhile getting the evs1:03, but it is also the first release sporting the new Expanding logo and last but not least it is piece of quality music at that!

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