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Fibla, Lent [spa.RK Releases – SP7CD, 2003]

October 27th, 2003

fibla_lentThe second full-length release by spa.RK label owner Fibla is entitled “Lent”. His first album was the equally nice sounding “Landscopes” on Quatermass and it was released in 2000. That’s a full three years and one can but wonder why it took such a long time for the second one to be released. “Lent” is a musically well-balanced album with amplitude of cleverly programmed beats, beautiful melodies and above all warm atmosphere. In style Fibla could be said to have some things in common with Ola Bergman since they both got an acute sense for rhythmic composition and melody and seem to choose similar sounds for creating their compositions. The 11 tracks on “Lent” display a wide variety of styles and influences from electro, hip-hop as well as different techniques for cutting up beats and arranging sounds. And they’re all put together with the touch of an expert.

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