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Katten Click, 1 [Efter Records – EFTERCDR001, 2003]

September 11th, 2003

katten_klickThe first offering from yet another Swedish electronica label, this time around it is Efter Records and Katten Click making the contribution. This nicely packaged CDR contains 6 tracks of electronica firmly grounded in the more ambient side of things. 1 starts off with the dub-infused “Organism#1” a piece of high-grade electronic dub. “Organism#2” leaves the dub elements and beats behind and flows on top of an impenetrable layer of bass. “Organism#3” contains a single lonely sounding melody, synthesised washes of sound, serious bass stabs and some channel trickery. The remaining three tracks “Organism#4”, “Organism#5” and “Organism#6” of the CDR move along the same minimal and ambient ideas. “Organism#5” has a lovely understated and almost hidden melody, the gentlest of rhythmic constructions and a hint of glitch. Overall this atmosphere filled disc reminds me of the more abstract work by Biosphere and that’s not a bad reference in my book. Get a copy of 1 before they’re all gone.

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