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Esem, Enveloped [Defocus – FOC364CD, 2002]

September 9th, 2002

esem_envelopedAfter the delightful “Ikae” 12-inch release on Defocus in 2001, Esem returns with this full-length album entitled “Enveloped”. The 13 tracks contained on the CD version all contain brilliant beats programming, bass and beautiful melodies. The compositions are all strikingly well balanced. That is, Esem’s music isn’t at all to be categorized as minimal, but neither is it to be regarded as burdened by over production, it’s just that, very well balanced. The rhythmic strength in his music is especially noticeable, and it’s a display of a not to complicated, but nevertheless interesting percussive elements, giving the tracks plenty of forward motion. And in combination with the strong melodies, sounds, creating tracks that are very enjoyable indeed. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff that is more abstract and complex, but there’re few that are as nice sounding. The closing words: a very complete album debut by Esem that stands a good chance of becoming timeless.

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