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Various Singles, The Condition of Muzak [Expanding Records – EVSC1:01, 2002]

September 9th, 2002

evsc101cover“The Condition of Muzak” is a compilation based around Expanding’s evs 7-inch series. The series comprised of nine singles released in 2001 and each single was limited to 400 copies on coloured vinyl and in custom packaging and all contain exclusive tracks, featuring works of UK-based as well as International artists. Needless to say, most of the singles have already become collector items and are not available anymore. But, all the a-sides from the singles and some exclusive tracks can now be found on the CD compilation instead. The artists partaking in the evs project were: Antoni Frankowski, Benge, Stendec, Tennis, Fibla, Volume, Abfahrt Hinwill, Zorn and David Mooney. And a newcomer to Expanding also contributed with a song to the compilation: Vessel. He will also be releasing a full-length album later this year. The CD compilation is a perfect testament to the unique sounding and ever-growing record label known as Expanding Records. Get it now, before it’s too late.

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