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Global Fantastic Or Just Read The Damn Book

December 7th, 2017 Comments off

So, my site was down. Support replies wondering what time zone I’m currently occupying (maybe not that exact wording) .

I say: UTC +1

Support says: UTC +8

I say where is that exactly? I did ask politely, like a gentleman.

In the Philippines.

So, I’m talking to someone in the Philippines at 03:30 my local time regarding my site hosted by a Danish ISP at UTC +8 , that would correspond to 10:30 in the day = midday?

I encountered a HTTP 500 error again, second time this month. Seriously? I mean is that serious? UTC +8 in the Philippines? Really? And the server farm is located where exactly?

The book? You should know by now. My father called him the greatest traitor in human history. Late 18 hundreds, you’ll find itĀ  I’m sure of it. It is a well known book. It is an impossible/terrible read. Yet, most definitely a necessary one.

Now I probably can’t go there to the orange country. Although I have pledged that I would indeed do so. However I live where everyone have the right to believe whatever they want. I live where you are free to mend your own life as you see fit.

I am extremely proud of that and I intend to exercise that very same right to the fullest. Hundred millions gave their life for those very sameĀ  rights.

A light-blue star (it could be black like Bowie’s last one was) and referencing a book? You do the math. I’m entitled to believe whatever I want to. I’m privileged enough to have been born free. And I will exercise that right given to me by birth to the fullest.

Just like you should really listen to Aphex Twin, the difference being that I’m not going to force you to do so.

I have not said so. Do I share my fathers’ views. Indeed I do.


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