In My Castle

I’m all alone in my castle (by choice it would seem).

I was planning to play one thing (the “Digital Synthesis” compilation one more time) but I ended up listening to another thing altogether.

A different thing, it is another of many personal favourites I might add.

Why is that? And what is so special about it? Well, to begin with it is neo-electro.  Claro Intelecto – Neurofibro* – Ai Records – AiLP008CD. Tons of history (O. Bergman liked it a lot back then) there.

Wow, you finally wrote an actual text about music and not all that other rubbish!

Come on man! You will have to give up at some point? You can’t continue like this for an eternity? Or can you?

– Just give me a reasonable alternative and I will in all honesty consider it. Otherwise? Then just watch me. “Wave the freak flag high.” Just like Hendrix did, like mother and father said/told me too.

* Bomber och granater have you ever heard: “Tria”?