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Various Artists, ON 002 Compilation [ON Records – ON002EP, 2002]

January 28th, 2003

on002The second release from yet another Dutch label and this time around it’s ON records’ responsibility. A four-track compilation with three familiar artists and one less known, but I’m sure he soon will be: Adam Johnson. The rest of the artists are household names: Quench, Autophonic and Mr Projectile. “Bungy” by Adam Johnson starts of the compilation in style setting beautiful, warm and forward moving surroundings. Mr. Projectile offers the bubbly remix of Oublique called “Dextroamphetamine”, some really nice stuff, the track that is. Autophonic gives you the retro sounding “Kendu” with drum-patterns, synth washes and played bassline to go and thus handles the other side’s first track. Last but not least Quench’s “Clan” and once again the amazing Funcken brothers pulls it off and delivers a piece of premium grade music, down tempo, crunchy and atmosphere filled in their characteristic style, pure bliss! It’s fair to say that ON’s second compilation is on par with the first one and that the future adventures of this label are highly interesting indeed.

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