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EOG, Part 3 [DUB Recordings – DUB 27, 2002]

January 28th, 2003

eog_dub27Tracks made up by relentless beats being at the same time, complex and minimal, complex because of the irregularities and minimal because they practically consist entirely of percussive elements. The first track is quite amazing apart from a short intro the beats are majestically in charge of the sonic picture apart from haunting soundscapes drowning in beats, cut-up beats and offbeat percussive constructions. The second track features: not as fierce beats, more structure but nevertheless a decidedly haunting atmosphere, filtered machine-like decomposing soundscapes rides alongside pounding beats. The other side features shuffled beats in combination with some sound handling without directly noticeble structure or composition. It’s a great techno oriented track that is not likely to be played on any techno floor in the near future. Fourth track takes yet another turn in this display of fairly lonely and effective beats collages. Last years’ (2002) EOG releases are the testament of craftsmen and scientists that are most likely employed in the beats R&D department. Brilliant stuff!

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