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There Is Actually A School Underneath The Sheets

September 29th, 2017

It’s true, there is an educational facility underneath.

I think there are 700 pupils or so below all the plastic and scaffolding. It is located on a main street in the suburb where I live.

They are constructing residential areas in wood on top of the newly housed school. It seems… chaotic to me.

By the way: this is the 500:th post. (Or as mother would ask: so? Who will ever read any of them?)

Picture: same reluctant teenager. I made a promise. That it would be the last requested photo ever? : ). I thought everone loved taking photographs.

But maybe, just maybe there are other rules when father is asking…

In other words, I better bring my own phone with me from now on.

This is the 500:th published post.

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