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Various Artists, Multicast Presents Further Obliq Perspectives [K2o – K2O14, 2002]

November 26th, 2002

multicast_furtherA lovely, lovely opening track on this eight track 12″ by Multicast et al released on k2o and it is Multicast doing the honors with “Spitfire”. Starting of with a lonely acoustic guitar and a beautiful build-up adding choirs and basslines creating one of this year’s most beautiful pieces of music. Crix Madine treats us a low-key electro-influenced track complete with drum machine enhancements and lightly processed vocals in “Crix Madine’s Theme”. Multicast returns with crisp beats and very nice melody in “Foehn” which by the way was also included on the recently released k2o compilation “No Space for Dogma”. A side is ended by a virtually beatless track with nice atmosphere signed Ted Surgeon. B-side starts of with an electro track by Multicast and a nice one at that. In “The Defection” by Crix Madine you get massive soundscapes alongside cut-up beats and it is followed by a house inspired drum machine based track with lonesome piano chords drifting along. Multicast ends the 12″ by bringing down the tempo adding processed guitars and vocal samples in “La Honda” (It is what it is). This is a fairly strong 12″ offering by k2o and they will be able to look back on 2002 with a smile. Finishing notes must be to push a little extra for the first track by Multicast it truly is something else.

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