Have You Ever Applied For 50 In A Single Day?

Well, have you? The question is simple enough, no? Is it unpleasant? I would say so. Is it disturbing? I would tend to agree.

Is it a reality? For some it is. Could it pose a problem in the long-term? Yes, I would imagine that it very well will do so.

– Why is that?
– Well, our entire society is built on that very same principle?
– “Principle”? What does that mean? What does “principle” signify?

Three weeks into the semester and the school building is not even close to being finished. No, I am not being funny.

It is literally not finished. That is they have not finished building it. And the there is nothing more important than going to school.

I am super happy and overwhelmed with joynees with the the whole thing/everything actually.

Picture: from BBC World News via: television -> portable telephone -> personal computer -> server farm. There are many digital steps involved.