Take Care Of Them

At first it always looks so straight forward and easy.

Recovery in Spanish (I don’t read Spanish).

It is just another machine and it is like every other machine? Right? It is never like that. Everything was made to do something? The World is a machine.

It starts and it stops. It talks in a different languages? The hidden complexity? It is an old argument? Indeed it is.

If consciousness is a physical product (if the networks of neurons in a human brain are creating it)? That network must be analysable?

If it is indeed a physical thing, then it should also be observable? Both in principle and in in detail.

I can touch the perimeter of my brain. My skull? It feels very physical to me. Yet, I can manipulate it quite easily and vice versa. No.

Then, there are major problems or issues or what not. Language, hardware or other problems. I may lack experience? Then, the nightmare starts. “A machine configured like that?”. Will it even start, will it boot? Did I back-up everything? Did I keep all of the +150 000 files? What will happen when I apply this executable?

The machine will eventually start if you haven’t made any mistakes and it is not broken. Otherwise it will not start. The backup alone took 8 hours. Downgrade and reinstall? Will it work or not? I don’t know, I’ll know when and if it reboots. Then I will know. I for one sure hope so.

So many hours spent. And the machine is still not ready. “Downgrading” took 8 hrs. Copy will take another 8 hrs… Many hours.

Let’s see… In 1983 or something like that and for many following years I just liked them, like “toys” (double meaning well, there was a taggin’ crew in Stockholm way back then… and their tag was “Toy”.

Will it boot (FYI: it did eventually do so)?