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The Lion

August 16th, 2017

Fun and games to you?

The Drum, the Bass, the Lion, Zion and Mother Africa?

That it is all very real. Rest assured.

Picture: http://www.krugerpark.co.za/africa_lion.html.

“Krugerpark” in South Africa? Kruger? Really?

It is a truly majestic animal and a very, very big cat.

In this World of ours there is this one very “angry” child of humanity, destroying everything in the path. I do mean everything and everybody. Time and time over and for many hundred of years.

Tearing down and destroying everything that others have built. That would be the very same angry child that started, not just one, but indeed two World wars. The angry child that developed and dropped, not one but indeed two atom bombs (two seems excessive or we should be glad no-one else had one or three?).

The angry child of humanity is the ***** man and is a truly and proven destructive entity.

It has tried to eradicate other children of humanity repetitively. What? Yes, the angry one even tried to eradicate one his own at a particular nasty moment. No? Yes, the angry one once tried to exterminate one of his own kind!

If it is indeed a game, then petite frère let us play.

The odds? Not, even a simple head count would be favourable. Given that you already tried to eradicate all the other sisters and brothers, my guess is that the empire is probably lost this time. The big bombs? Everybody dies? Let’s not be the sore looser petite frère.

It had to end sometime? It is after all a historical fact, no empire lasts forever.

You can not have lions living in a “Kruger” park. Right? This empire has already ended…

Mr. President “… I say you full of fear… you got to come out and push. Like everybody else. Push boy! Push along the way.”

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