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Men Det Fungerar Ju Inte Så?

July 8th, 2017

The World does not really look or work like that does it?

Your actions will ultimately have consequences? However, it does not really matter if you actually know what you are doing or not.

The outcome will be more or less the same. Every time. It always is.

Your experience or lack thereof is not really a factor that matters and that is regardless of your age. You may be 15 or 75 years old it doesn’t really matter.

It may be something to be learned here, a possible lesson. No one really cares about anything that you do, ever.

Except your mother and father (or your mothers and fathers depending on set-up. I once met a young boy that had no less than four mothers…).

Regardless, in all honesty they may be the only ones that actually do care what you eventually/ever try to do and if you don’t/didn’t get along with them? Then, I’m quite confident that you will be in somewhat of a turmoil.

Ah, the title? Approx. translation would be: “Well, but it doesn’t work that way?”. Why is the title in Swedish?

Because the writer has own interests. And the choice of the picture? Is there a reason for that as well?

Yes and it is known to no more than two persons in the entire World and it would be extremely strange and quite frightening if at least not one of them knew why it was chosen.

Note: This title and many others on this site, do not apply to the rules, as such they are not completely correct… “Men det fungerar ju inte så?” Notice the lack of capital letters? That is one broken rule appearing in the title and therefore it is not a correct Swedish sentence.

All the words exists and are spelled correctly (as far as I can tell), but it still nothing you would write, rather it is something you could say. Let’s not dwell (such a funny word) more on that subject.

Most or none of the titles you will find here are grammatically correct, so… please don’t copy-and-paste them, you may get in unnecessary trouble.

It is called: freedom. But, you would need to know the rules to begin with right? Before you attempt breaking them you would have to have tried to know them? You wouldn’t want to try breaking rules you do not know, right?

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