Wish You Where Here

This album cover has always intrigued me.

I first saw it when I was a very young boy. Admittedly, I am not a young boy any more, but it still intrigues me.

The picture’s symbolism seems even more powerful to me today. I always found it peculiar and like a rather ill-conceived strategy.

I mean if you are literally on fire? Either you are not aware of the fact that you are burning or you don’t mind being on fire?

However, if you don’t mind burning what does that tell you?

I have heard this album more times than I can count. I could not name a single song by title and I certainly don’t own this album.

I was reminded of the cover just hours ago and I realised that the title is provokingly apt in this exact moment or have been for some time now. I do believe it was originally released in 1975.

As I said, that was at a time when I was still a very young boy.