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July 4th, 2017

If you want? My music could be 900 years older than your own country? My place is 2000 years older? Come on. Still respect what you do? Musically and the idea of freedom.

No one. On one have extended anything. I did know “The Prodigy”, but extending your sorrows? Just one or two did when my father passed. That is not the was it is problematic.

If you can not do that when you are not emotionally connected. If you can not even say that you are sorry even if you do not care? Emotionally? Do you understand that you are in a none-good place? Someone’s other close passes and you don’t care. If you don’t feel something? I would say that you have some very serious emotional problems.

People pass (die) and you all feel noting? That is… scarry.

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