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I Say Wave And You Sine What?

June 1st, 2017

”From Wave to Club”*, sure almost every musical genre in the World was originally cornered in one and same very place. Yes, that would be Londinium, UK.

The clearly US-based bass hybrid that is referred to is apparently called ”Wave”.

OK. But, I know this, I have heard this before, this music but it was decades ago. It did not sound exactly like this at the time. Don’t get me wrong it is excellent music!

Relentless Londinium! Defining what bass is every day of the week and all year around. Sure we all want to do that…

The irony, US seems to have a particular large influence on UK-bass right now (no, not d’n’b that will never happen)? Agent Orange is in charge over-seas and the decision has been taken to leave Europe.

Again, Londinium please claim your own state! You are wanted and needed in Europe. Honestly, it is not more outlandish than the UK leaving Europe. Seeking a Visa to go to Londinium?

Almost forgot… there is a “Ghost In The Shell” sample. I guess it is that time: “All are gonna’ get up in there now”? The musical superiority and futurity of it all? It’s ridiculous and personally I frankly, find it somewhat annoying. Decade after decade. Superior and ahead of everybody else. Always.

I can also hear that (finally) mother Africa is taking centre place in some tracks. Rhythmically that is, all drums origin is not being questioned is it? No, that would be silly! Like not knowing where the cradle of humanity lays, no that would be equally silly.

* Plastician on rinse.fm, 2017-05-30. Yes, that’s right a whole two days ago.

Apparently this is actually the 399th published post, it seems appropriate to share the follwoing non-fictional conversation: – “You know? I write reviews, texts about music and post them on my site on the internet.” – “Why? Nobody is going to read them anyway.”

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