Selectone, Unearthed [Ressonus Records – RESS-01, 2006]

ress-01_coverWhat you see before you is the long overdue text about this severally limited first release for the Czech label Ressonus and in addition it is also the debut album for recording artist Selectone. There are nine tracks of highly personal music starting off with the devoid of beats and quite ambient Lavra. Thereafter continuing along the musical ideas of Selectone. Let it be said straight away that it is an intriguing release that in large parts set in drone/soundscape mode with the odd abusive exception. For example the distorted technoish beats of track number five Geo. However, the effect if any that was intended is probably not the desired one, because the rest of the album really feels like a collection of songs quite capable of standing on their own and in the same time creating something larger than merely the sum of their parts. There are several interesting concepts on this album, the rough sample techniques, broken and repetitive elements literally creating new structures. The collage technique is refreshing in its upfrontness. The ninth and last track Treatment contains large samples from a frightening film that was based on a frightening novel (the title is a combination of two designators one for time keeping and the other is eatable if peeled) and as it would seem some three decades later has become a pretty frightening song as well… The lo-fi setting of Selectone’s music is a consequence of his methods and it would seem to be as a deliberate move on his part as it is effective. Selectone has added another chapter to the story about individual sounding productions. The fact that the packaging is good even tough it might be just a tad impractical just adds to the overall positive feeling towards this release. Finally I would like to congratulate Ressonus on the first release and wish continued success with the label.