Melodium, Music for the Invisible People [Autres Directions in Music – MOULIN017, 2006]

moulin017Music for Invisible People is the title of Melodium’s second full-length album for Autres Directions in Music. The 13 track album is filled with his brand of quirky acoustically based electronic music that can be heard on previous releases such as Parthenay EP from 2003 (which is also the very first ADIM release), La Tête Qui Flotte from 2005 and Hum Hum & Bla Bla released the same year. The biggest difference would be the vocals, that have now been incorporated into each and every song. The sincerity cannot be missed and the end-result is ultimately a question of personal taste. Autre Directions in Music continues to safeguard their uniqueness and it is a good thing that Melodium does the same. Another chapter to the evolving story about individual sounding productions has just been added.