Omnimotion, Dream Wide Awake [Aleph Zero Records – ALEPHZ06, 2006]

Omnimotion_dream_wide_awakeEven the name would suggest where the musical focus and inspiration would be coming from, there’re echoes from the past and another release on Aleph Zero referencing the long gone genre (or maybe not at all that distant) ambient dub. The production on “Dream Wide Awake” is flawless, but the same can unfortunately not be said about the vocal contributions, however they’re almost also a requirement for this specific genre. It’s hard not the recognise the talent in production and sincerity, but for the non-vocally inclined listeners the whispering echo-filled female vocals, just can not outweigh the rich bass and nice sounds of the resurrected ambient dub. This effect is visible in the fifth rack “Dream Wide Awake” featuring the excellent vocalist Krister Linder seeing him returning to recording after a decade or so of hiatus. It is a most welcome return I might add. If you’ve yet to discover his excellent Tupilaq album you’re most definetly in for a treat. Track number six “Elves of Atheria” demonstrates the talent of Omnimotion in as a good way as any other, with enchanting use of accordion and violin swaying between the generic view of French accordion and Vienna strings. Sure there’s an obvious reference to Wagon Christ, but it’s an excellent one. If you’re looking for well-produced, warm easy on the ears electronic music with a dash of vocals, e-dub and trance look no further, as I’m convinced “Dream Wide Awake” will fit the bill perfectly.