Various Artists, Ginglik Saturdays: Rhythms Re-lik [Ginglik Records / Bubblewrap Industries – BUBBLIK02, 2006]

rhythms_re-likA 14-track compilation by the well-respected Ginglik establishment in London and depicting sonically what goes on their Saturday electronic excursions, in their fourth year of operation. It’s a collaboration release with Bubblewrap Industries and it is the second in a series of compilations. The 14-track compilation has known and not so known contributors from all around. There’s common denominator and that is that they’ve all performed live at Ginglik at a time or another. (Hey, that’s exactly the same setup as “Sandwaves Sector One”). It’s basically a mix of household names and soon to be ones. Among the debutants you’ll find Dine and Sunosis making contributions. The latter of them also seem to have released an MP3 EP entitled “Warm”. Abstract Knights of Colony Productions fame bring forth the steady beats and Ochre goes for a high-octane edit of one of his own songs. Sentinel 1 and Ardisson a definitely makes it into a London thing with various bas references. Liberation Jumpsuit and LJ Kruzer going for the vocals. Posthuman reinventing themselves in “The Process Of Filing Reports (Ginglik Mix)” as excellent as it is bursting of atmosphere. Zainetica brings the sounds of the other side of the Atlantic in his finger popping “Automatic Calm”. Veneration Music ends the compilation with the dramatic and drenched in analogue “The Double Life” which has a strong feeling of reminiscence to it, just can’t put my finger on it. A little something for everyone and by the sound of it Ginglik’s Saturdays are ready to go on for many years to come.