Michael Santos, Matters [Benbecula – BEN519, 2006]

benbecula_michael_santos_maAnother part taken from Benbecula’s massive 13 disc Minerals Series’ release. It’s a full-length album comprised of nine tracks and Michael Santos’ debut at that. This is an ambient excursion and it starts off with the beatless introduction “Sounds Like Deja Vu” some hint of glitch and heavily processed guitars, yet warm sounding and kind of dreamy atmosphere. “Org” is based on sounds recorded or played in reverse, a quite cinematic continuation of the previous track. It would be interesting to play this track in reverse and then listen to it. “Light 8” got slowly progressing synth-washes fused with field recording like sounds, such as sighs and freely flowing shower nozzle water combined with ordered ground failure sounds. This and remaining songs all create a collection of flowing ambient tracks made for the less hectic part of the World.