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People Come On!

April 8th, 2017

What now? DJ Youngsta and rinse.fm again? Yes, again. Why? Well. the opening track of DJ Youngsta’s 17/03/20 set may very well be one of the best tracks ever produced in the entire history of music.

What do you mean? The “best track ever”, but are you serious? Do you really mean that? Hm, yes I am dead serious. Come on, just listen to it. I know that I do.

Bass trough and trough. UK-style. And it is not a question of geography… Best bass ever, but is it better than the Doctor? Helas, no no one is better than the Doctor. The “Doctor” would be Doc Scott. I am not talking about the bike riding fellow (7 titles?) and still riding.

The other doctor will you?

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