Various Artists, The Condition of Muzak 2 [Expanding Records – EVSC2:06, 2006]

evsc2So it has finally arrived (JUL 2006) and it’s the second instalment of Expanding’s evs-series “evsc2:06” and once again they succeed in compiling beautiful electronic music that has a production standard second to none. Benge’s “Bambi”, Vessel’s “Fold” with exquisite beats and warm deep bass and Bauri’s “Have No Fear” exemplify that fact. The compilation is based around a series of nine 7-inch singles released on Expanding Records. Each 7-inch single was limited to 400 copies pressed on heavy, coloured vinyl and came in a custom, screen printed PVC, zip locked envelope. All the 7-inches contain exclusive tracks not included on this compilation. Flotel, Praveen, Myrakaru, Holkham, Vs_price, Monoceros, Maps + Diagrams also are also included among the released artists. The compilation also include remixes by AM/PM and Tunng. Expanding’s consistency as a label continues to impress and they master to perfection the daunting task to evolve and change yet retain the identity of the label. The “Condition of Muzak 2” is a must for any serious electronica listener and/or collector.