Talking Makes No Sense, Surroundings [Benbecula – BEN517, 2006]

talkingmakesnosenseAfter Benbecula’s massive 13 disc Minerals’ series they press on with hectic release schedule. The current and upcoming releases contain regular albums as well as a limited number of releases taken from the Minerals’ series. Talking Makes No Sense‘s “Surroundings” is one of those releases (MAR 2006), it’s a nine track long album consisting of soundscapes that are all heavily based on acoustic guitar. The album progresses slowly and it is very dreamy in setting. The theme is hard to miss, but I for one miss a more tangible rhythmic structure, bass and less tinkering on the old guitar. In any event Talking Makes No Sense’s album is an as well-produced as it is an pensive, mainly acoustic and thoroughly ambient one and an another quality release from Benbecula at that.